Friday, 28 March 2008


Welcome to the first entry in my blog journal. This is where I will write about the adventures of my life as I live in Amsterdam for the rest of this year.

It seems like it wasn’t that long ago that I was writing in this very space about my 9 weeks in Europe last summer. That was the trip of a lifetime, and before I left I was curious about how it would change me. Other than a craving for real Italian food and a heightened appreciation for art, I don’t think I changed too much. Well… there was one thing that had changed; I came back with an insatiable desire to get my feet back on European soil as soon and often as possible.

When I came back I started digesting the thought of moving to Holland for a year. After I finished my program at BCIT in December I spent 3 weeks in Germany and Spain with Nina over Christmas and New Year’s. That solidified my desire.

I have been back in Canada for 7 months since the end of my first taste of Holland. For a large majority of that time I dreamed of the day I could make this move. As that day approached, I started taking more time appreciating what I have here and now— my friends, family, home and Vancouver.

Now I feel ready for one of the more interesting chapters of my life. And on a weekly basis this is where I will share my stories and pictures of what it’s like to be a Canadian living abroad in Amsterdam.